Ingredients Solutions Discovered From Mushrooms

We harness the metabolic engine of mushrooms and apply it to make transformative food ingredients through fermentation. Find all the ways our ingredients can help you achieve your product development goals.
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Bitter Blocker & Flavor Clarifier
ClearIQ natural flavor is a series of powerful modulation tools that can help decrease the perceived metallic, bitter, sour, astringent, and general off-flavors found in many food and drink products. ClearIQ™ benefits any food system that needs to be optimized by minimizing the negative sensory impact of ingredients with undesirable taste attributes.
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FermentIQ™ Complete Plant-Based Protein
Fermenting plant protein with mushroom mycelia (roots) transforms the sensory and olfactory experience and enhances the functional properties of the protein. The unique metabolism of mushrooms strip away the excess carbohydrates, freeing up access to the protein bodies, while decreasing many of the undesirable attributes of the protein's flavor and aroma. Mycelial fermentation has shown to provide a significant reduction in negative sensory attributes.
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EvolveIQ™ Mushroom Adaptogen
We use a proprietary liquid fermentation process to produce a high-quality adaptogen of one of the most sought-after mushrooms.
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