Stay on trend with healthier,
more fIavorful foods.

More than ever, consumers are seeking nutritious foods, but they don’t want to sacrifice taste. With ClearIQ™ natural flavor, you can stop bitterness at the source, eliminate challenging off notes, facilitate sugar reduction, and deliver better-tasting products with brighter flavors.

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88% say taste matters most

88% of consumers rank taste as the most important purchasing decision factor, outranking price, healthfulness, convenience and environmental impact.

– IFI Food and Health Study 2020

Discover nature's best kept secret for great taste.

Brighten fruity

Enhance indulgent

Mitigate plant protein


Harmonize flavor

Amplify flavor in a variety of applications.

From plant-based foods to energy drinks, confections to CBD, ClearIQ™ natural flavor has broad-spectrum taste modulation capabilities, making it highly effective in wide range of food and beverage applications.


Alternative Sweeteners

Amino Acids

Baked Goods






Dairy Alternatives

Energy Drinks

Extruded Snacks

Functional Beverages

Meat Alternatives

OTC Products

Plant-based Protein

Protein Beverages

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Take a tasty new approach.

Forget the old way of fixing flavor. Instead of covering up negative flavors by adding excess sugar, salt and fat, take a new approach with ClearIQ™ flavor modulation. It works by temporarily occupying receptor sites on the tongue, so that negative flavors are unable to bind with them. Without this binding, the negative flavors are not perceived.

Delight customers with delicious
food and drinks.

Metallic, bitter, sour, astringent, and general off-notes are common obstacles in functional ingredients. These overpowering flavors often hide the more subtle, delicate, and complex tastes within a food matrix. By decreasing these off-notes with ClearIQ™ flavor modulation, you get brighter, cleaner, and clarified flavor.

Ready to try ClearIQ in your next culinary creation?