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MycoTechnology helps the food industry create healthier products without excessive sugar, salt, and fat by working with the natural transformative power of mushrooms to make new-to-the-world food ingredients. Their flagship product, ClearIQ™, is the world's first organic bitter blocker and flavor clarifier that helps cleanup the taste of functional ingredients and is a powerful tool in the fight against sugar and sodium. FermentIQ™ protein filled the void in the plant-based protein market, creating a complete plant protein with improved nutrition and functionality.

Scientist / Senior Scientist – Fungal Physiologist
Aurora, CO
April 28, 2022
Knowledge of bioreactors, fermentation techniques, and media formulation development
Seniority Level
Mid Level
Full Time
Role Overview

The fungal physiologist will be responsible for developing and optimizing fermentation platforms at both bench-top and pilot scales. As a fungal physiologist, you are expected to leverage your knowledge to improve fermentation processes, including media development, fungal growth, and protein accumulation.  The role is focused on developing scale-down models and high throughput screenings to deliver robust fermentation practices and fungal growth conditions. You will further be expected to utilize your knowledge of fungal biochemistry and metabolomics to discover, develop, and produce novel fungal-derived ingredients and dietary supplements.

Essential Duties
  • Development of a high throughput screening practice for strain selection, media development, and feeding strategies
  • Evaluation of fungal secretomes and secondary metabolite production.
  • Guide novel discovery work related to fungal biochemistry and secondary metabolites.
  • Conceive of and execute projects to generate desired temporal expression profiles for specific homologous and heterologous pathways
  • Design and execute fermentation experiments in both flasks and bench-top fermenters.
  • Develop and optimize fungal fermentation media for both flask cultures and for bench-top fermenters.
  • Establish and optimize scalable fermentation cultures including inoculum ratio and feeding strategies.
  • Collaborate and communicate with the Late-Stage Development Team to scale processes.
  • Develop new strains and chassis organisms, complete fungal transformations.
Knowledge & Skills
  • PhD degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Bioprocess/Chemical Engineering or a relevant field from an accredited college or university
  • Strong technical knowledge in microbial/fungal metabolism and fermentation development/formulation
  • Strong molecular biology skill set
  • Excellent organizational skills with strong attention to detail
  • Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent troubleshooting and investigational skills
  • Able to work in a team and adapt to a dynamic work environment including changing priorities and quick turnaround projects
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills to present ideas in an understandable, non-technical, manner to internal and external constituencies
  • Excellent record-keeping skills
  • Industry Experience


  • Knowledge of bioreactors, fermentation techniques, and media formulation development
  • Understand Innovation processes and gated project management
  • Protein purification is a plus
  • Experience in plasmid design and transformation are a plus
  • Supervisory Responsibilities:  
  • Potentially manage a team of multidisciplinary, cross-functional, scientists and technicians. Determine and set team goals and objectives. Ensures staff is adequately trained, skilled, organized, and motivated.
About MycoTechnology

Incorporated in 2013, Aurora, Colorado based MycoTechnology,Inc. is a food technology company that harnesses the metabolic engine of mushrooms, known as mycelium, to create novel ingredients that solve the food industry’s biggest challenges. Our innovative ingredients and transformative technology offer solutions for sugar reduction, food insecurity, sustainable protein, natural immune support, and much more. For more information, please visit www.mycoiq.com.

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